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Release Day hangover

Binding Rayne went live three days ago. I feel like I went on a bender. Between the seven facebook events and trying to keep up with my current deadline, my body hurts everywhere. Not to mention - keeping the tiny humans alive and the husband placated.

I wasn't prepared for the social aspect of writing, publishing, and getting people to notice my books. The first day was so amazing an surreal, today I feel sad. There is no way for me to really know how many people are reading my book (besides the few reviews that have posted) and I am socially awkward enough to be unsure of where and how to gain more followers.

Alas, end the end, I will write more and hope for the people who really loved the book to throw me a bone and encourage others to read it. If you, dear follower, have read and enjoyed my book - drop me a message or a review, I would love to hear from you!

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